Another item from the 100 year old suitcase lot of a man who used to work for Wigg & Son. Wigg & Son received regular parcels from the UK, and the vast majority of them are still on piece.

The vast majority of stamps in this lot are perforated WD&S, or William Dawson & Sons, booksellers in London founded in 1660, and are predominantly from the KGV 1912-24 Block Cypher set. For this perfin type alone, I calculated a face value £1-14s-8d, and as cheapest SG cat stands at £458. There are also a small number of other perfins present in this batch, including MMCo (Mullens, Marshall & Co possibly, QV 1887 set mostly), M&Co, BP Co., MBL, W&AG (W & A Gilbey, wine merchants), C&EM, M&D.Bros, and DM&Co. Postmarks on most of the pieces are various versions of the Foreign Section obliterator “FS”, and there are other CDS markings of interest on the QV items.

Total catalog value in excess of £600. Condition is a little mixed in places, but a lovely lot nonetheless. $50