All items are shipped via Australia Post registered and insured at the buyer’s cost. Where possible this will be in a prepaid satchel, or my own packaging where this is not possible

You can request that the item be not insured or registered as part of the checkout process. If you request this, be aware I WILL NOT accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the goods in transit to you. Think carefully about this – a few dollars to ensure a $200 item gets to you intact makes good sense

I am not responsible for

  1. Goods opened or damaged or removed, or otherwise dealt with, or tampered with, by customs or postal authorities etc in the country of receipt, or in transit, and the result of any such inspection etc.
  2. Any taxes or charges or fees etc, levied by foreign governments or authorities, such as GST, VAT, HST, fines, duties, levies, penalties, etc.
  3. Exchange rates, or surcharges, or user fees calculated by credit card companies and banks. You pay the amount in AUD, and any such conversions or fees levied to you are your responsibility
  4. Non delivery of any goods posted to me, or from me, for whatever reason.  My liability shall be strictly limited to whatever sum may be paid or owed to the recipient or sender, by the postal authorities.
  5. Any claims and paperwork in respect to any loss or damage or delay, or postal non-delivery, whether paperwork needs to be lodged in your own country, or via Australia Post, or both.  It is further understood and agreed that lodging any such claims within the statutory time limit applied by the postal authorities, shall also be the responsibility of the purchaser.