One of 3 albums of thematics in my office. A really great selection of iccues from 1940’s up to 1960’s, with a wide variety of themes. Mostly flora but also noted birds, fish, animals, insects, vehicles, and so on. I have given it a glance and have found many nice sets in here. Switzerland Pro-Juventute issues from 1943 (£13), Netherlands Zomerzegel 1952 M (£31) and 1953 (£39), Belgian Congo 1952 Flowers set to 20F fine mint (£35), Luxembourg 1955 Flowers set (£16), Finland 1950 TB Fund set (£10), 1948 Austria Anti-TB set (£16), Falkland Islands QEII set to 1/- mint (£35), Norfolk Island Ball Bay toned paper set 12 to 2/- (£12). There are some really nice sets from San Marino and Yugoslavia (£22), and finally some fruit sets from San Marino and Hungary (£19). Also saw a couple of sets of the bogus issues for South Moluccas, issued out of the vivid imagination of stamp dealer Henry Stolow.

Even the single stamps are nice lookers, with very little damage. Gibbons Cat of sets/singles I saw comes to £330, and there is undoubtedly value I haven’t seen in there. I have priced this one to clear!

Will ship overseas, but check postage options as will be expensive.