A solid collection/accumulation of NZ stamps in 2 printed Seven Seas albums – 1953 to 1982 is Hingeless (has some tone on the tops of pages, affecting some stamps).
The first album contains some high value single items and sets – 1874 and 1882 definitives to 1/- (£160), 1898 pictorial set to 1/- (£150) (2/- poor condition, not included in value), KGV 1915-25 set to 1/- (£100), and the Admiral set to 3/- (£230). Early Health issues FU as well (no Smiling Boys!). A good continuation of sets throughout, up to 1982.
Next, 2 shoeboxes, with each catalog item in it’s own plastic bag from 1935 Silver Jubilee up to 2014, often with multiples of each stamp. The owner I bought these off used to work for a famous charity, and someone in the post room used to save him all the stamps off incoming post. He spent MONTHS soaking them off, and putting them all in individual bags! Condition varies, and some of the stamps have tone or heavy postmarks. For the purposes of catalog value, I have not included them
Catalog of stamps in albums in excess of £1300, plus who knows what in the shoeboxes.
This one is a box lot, so Australian orders only.