Free front sent from London to Dunkeld, dated Dec 19th 1839
Addressed to Her Grace, The Duchess of Athol, Dunkeld, Perth
Markings Ref (JT Whitney 7th Ed) – Double Circle Evening Duty with Crown 1A/11 p14
Signed by “Dorset”
Charles Sackville-Germain, Viscount Sackville & 5th Duke of Dorset (1767-1843).
1785-43 – House of Lords, Viscount Sackville
1815-43 – House of Lords, Duke of Dorset
The Duke of Dorset served as Master of the Horse from 1821-27
Anne Murray, The Duchess of Athol (1814-97) was also known as the Lady Glenlyon, served for 40 years as Lady of the Bedchamber and was one of Queen Victoria’s closest friends