Free front sent from Uckfield to Pitchford, dated Apr 28th 1835
Addressed to Reverend Robert Corfield, Pitchford, Shrewsbury
Markings Ref (JT Whitney 7th Ed) – Single rim free frank (Morning Duty), 1A/11, p14 (£10)
Signed by “Liverpool”
Charles Cecil Cope JENKINSON, 3rd Earl of Liverpool, Baron Hawkesbury (1784-1851)
1807-12 – MP for Sandwich
1812-18 – MP for Bridgnorth
1818-28 – MP for East Grinstead
1828-51 – House of Lords, Earl of Liverpool
Charles Jenkinson was also Under-Secretary of State 1807-09, Under-Secretary of War 1809-10, and Lord Steward of the Household 1841-46