Free front sent from London to Salisbury, dated Jul 15th 1836
Addressed to Mrs Coote, West Park near Salisbury
Markings Ref (JT Whitney 7th Ed) – Double rim Evening Duty Free stamp in red with cross dated JY 15 1836 1A/12 p10 (cat £10), plus TP Pall Mall two line in black 2/23 (K), p27 (cat £5)
Signed by “J Elley”
John Elley (1764-1839).
1826-39 – Governor of Galway
1836-1839 – MP for Windsor
John Elley was a Colonel who distinguished himself at the Battle of Waterloo, and was awarded the Order of the Bath by George IV in 1822. He was part of the troupe who held the canopy over the body of George IV on the way to St George’s Chapel, Windsor