Free front sent from London to Clifton, dated Jun 18th 1829
Addressed to Miss Vanderhorst, York Crescent, Clifton
Markings Ref (JT Whitney 7th Ed) – “TP Twickenham” in black, 2/22 (J) (cat £5), “To Pay 2d only” framed, 1A/18 (cat £10), plus “2” instructional marking in black, 2/32, p30
Signed by “George Moore”
George Moore, (1778-??).
1826-31 – MP for Dublin City
Recipient of the letter is Miss Vanderhorst, who was a descendent of Baron Vanderhorst, a Dutch baron who came to the UK in support of the Prince of Orange to celebrate his part in the Battle of Waterloo.