A fascinating Free front sent from Wincanton to London, dated Aug 24th 1784
Addressed to Carbonell & Son, King Street, London (Carbonell & Son are wine merchants)
Markings (Ref JT Whitney 7th Ed) – Noted “Not properly dated – put into Wincanton office”, surcharge “4” applied twice (Ref 2/34 p30? cat £35 each)
The cover was originally signed “Westmorland”, but as it was not completed correctly to get free postage, it was turned in to Wincanton. It was subsequently crossed out due to above, then dated properly and signed “Greville” to enable delivery. A fascinating group of markings I have not seen before
Westmorland – John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland (1759-1841)
1774-1841 – House of Lords, Earl of Westmorland
1798-1806, 1807-27 – Lord Privy Seal
Greville – Charles Francis Greville (1749-1809).
1774-90 – MP for Warwick
As a young man, Charles Greville courted Emma Hart, who would later become Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson’s lover.