Entire 1825 Ham (London) to Bond St London, then redirected to Heriot Row Edinburgh.

Lots of markings and transit marks and charges added to this one – Front has “TP Ham” 2 line boxed in red type 2/22 (£10), instructional marking “3” (type 2/33 £30), “½” Scotland coach travel surcharge, and manuscript postage rate “2/2”. Backstamped by “12 NOON 12” double rim oval in red (type 2/9 £4), datestamp type 1/9 in black dated MY 13 1825 code L, and Edinburgh arrival mark dated MAY 18 1825 codes W E. Interesting contents too, Someone trying to solicit a meeting with Donald Horne for a W Wright before he travels to Scotland on a Steam Vessel, this meeting to take place at either his address at Pall Mall or the Countess of Dysart’s Pall Mall residence (Ham House, where the letter was written, was the ancestral home of Louisa Tollemache, 7th Countess of Dysart). Fascinating piece with 2 letters, one from the writer trying to solicit the meeting, and an introduction from W Wright.