Two Free fronts sent from Warwick to Dunse, dated Feb 13th and May 12th 1836
Addressed to Mrs Garstin, St Mary’s Cottage, Dunse, North Britain
Markings Ref (Stanley Gibbons 9th Ed) – Nil
Signed by “Warwick”
Henry Richard Greville, 3rd Earl of Warwick, 3rd Earl Brooke (1779-1853)
1802-16 – MP for Warwick
1822-53 – Lord-Lieutenant of Warwickshire
1816-53 – Earl of Warwick and Earl Brooke
Greville also served as Lord-in-Waiting (Chief Whip of the House of Lords) from 1841-46, and Lord of the Bedchamber from 1828-30. In 1827 he made Knight of the Thistle